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Falcon Farmhouse

The main inspiration for the Falcon Farmhouse project at The Tawny was the beautiful landscape.

The farmhouse sits in the most stunning setting with rolling hills and uninterrupted views. We wanted to create a sanctuary from which the guests can truly connect with nature and feel relaxed and restored. We aimed to bring the beauty of nature indoors, aligning with biophilic design principles.

We created an interior that will enable friends and families to come together and enjoy the space and its beautiful connection with nature. Each decision has been made with this in mind, from the carefully considered kitchen layout to the incredible outdoor areas, showcasing contemporary interior design.

The Tawny

Harmonious and well-executed design

Timeless design that is truly unique

Falcon Farmhouse itself has lots of original features and character which provided a perfect foundation to create timeless designs. Nearly everything in the project has been custom designed and made bespoke which makes it truly unique. The handcrafted kitchen was locally made, the beautiful in-frame cabinetry is painted in Farrow and Ball’s Green Smoke creating a calm and serine heart of the farmhouse. The kitchen has exposed beams and a vaulted ceiling from which we have fixed two large brushed-brass chandeliers. We have chosen a wallpaper from Designers Guild (Miyako Scene 2 Dove) which shows a tranquil scene with trailing Autumn leaves captured in hand painted watercolour detail.

This project at The Tawny thoughtfully incorporates principles of balance, proportion, contrast, texture, and finish to achieve an ideal room layout, while focal points are carefully considered in each space. The elevation of design elements and the inclusion of accent walls, natural finishes, light fixtures, and scale contribute to the comprehensive home interior plan, resulting in a harmonious and well-executed design.

Bespoke upholstery allowed us to source archive-inspired design fabrics from Morris & co, Colefax & Fowler, Clarke & Clarke and Romo. Downstairs we have used grounding paint tones to invite and envelop such Farrow and Ball Pigeon and Green Smoke while upstairs we have opted for hues to sooth and soften such as Little Greene Slaked Lime and China Clay.

The living room features a green living room scheme, with carefully selected living room accessories to complement the space.

The Tawny, Falcon Farmhouse
The Tawny, Falcon Farmhouse

Even the children’s bedroom was carefully considered. Bespoke bunk beds were handcrafted to provide both single and double sleeping areas. We used a Mural called Magic Forst by Borastapeter which depicts an enchanted world populated by floppy-eared rabbits and white-spotted fawns. We wanted to allow children to feel connected to nature and eager to explore the stimulating landscape around them.

Layers of detailing using natural materials (oak, rattan, brass), heritage colours and textured all work to create the inviting space, consistent with luxury interior design principles. The home decor includes a mix of bespoke design and carefully chosen home accessories that enhance the overall aesthetic.

The pool barn retains the same tranquil tones, fun and playfulness and timeless designs. It is the ultimate space for socialising, celebrating or relaxing. The barn doors can be opened to physically connect the indoor space with the stunning outdoors. The rich green tones of the interiors are in harmony with the landscape. The tile chosen for the bar is CaPietra’s GLENDURGAN CERAMIC FERN OLIVE tile which is part of their national Trust collection. The ferns, muted in colour and delicate in brush strokes give a timeless accent, enhancing the overall design consultation and interior design services offered by the project.

The Tawny, Falcon Farmhouse