The Tawny, Falcon Farmhouse

Falcon Farmhouse at The Tawny has lots of original features and character which provided a perfect foundation to create timeless designs.

Nearly everything in the project has been custom designed and made bespoke which makes it truly unique. This project at The Tawny thoughtfully incorporates principles of balance, proportion, contrast, texture, and finish to achieve an ideal room layout, while focal points are carefully considered in each space. The elevation of design elements and the inclusion of accent walls, natural finishes, light fixtures, and scale contribute to the comprehensive home interior plan, resulting in a harmonious and well-executed design.

Layers of detailing using natural materials (oak, rattan, brass), heritage colours and textured all work to create the inviting space, consistent with luxury interior design principles. The home decor includes a mix of bespoke design and carefully chosen home accessories that enhance the overall aesthetic.